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Jose Luis

Account Executive / AutoZone Mexico

Responsibility: AutoZone Mexico
Office Phone: 011 52 1 (81) 1969-2880
Mobile Phone: 011 52 1 (81) 1080-0139

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José Luis Santillán is a category manager with sales principles background with a long and proved path on the automotive industry who partners with CEOs and other executives to grow their categories and boost their brands. After spending a little more than two decades working in IT, Sales and Purchases Management for a wholesaler specializing in automotive parts who used to sell to most of the refaccionarias at the northeast of the country, and for one of the largest retailer of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories in Mexico, José Luis knows what truly drives the success on sales and purchases—and it’s not mastering the sales and purchases management. It’s how well you connect with the Customer you sell to and the Supplier you buy from, and communicate your understanding back to them. José Luis has landed awareness of those programs of DIY nature. His previous experience selling hard parts and tires have represented an advantage that catapulted sales and allow him to take controlled risks launching and testing new programs on the sales floor. José Luis knowledge of the traditional Mexican automotive market and being a participant in the evolution of the first aftermarket retailer chain in Mexico: AutoZone, represents a plus.